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Financial Freedom

What is financial freedom? Why should I try to achieve financial freedom?

Financial freedom may look different for each person, but in general, financial freedom means having control over your finances rather than fear. By handling your money wisely and working hard to reach and maintain financial freedom, you will not only be able to pay bills without any anxiety but also be able to give generously to causes that matter to you. You can meet the needs of others, pursue a career that you love, and take care of your family’s future. This is what God wants for you in your finances!

Here are some resources that can help in your journey to financial freedom:

  • I Was Broke Now I’m Not - This website offers resources (both free and for purchase) based on Joseph Sangl’s book.
  • Financial Peace University - This program offers a plan to pay off debt, save for emergencies, and build wealth. Join an online class and go through the course with a community of people who will walk with you as you begin reaching your money goals.